Why Power of WE? I wish to inspire you inspire others

Life is full of surprises, that is what they say.  It is one of those things that people will tell you one time in your life. Probably you will not think about it, or you will not pay much attention to it. I did the same. Till today.

Have you ever stopped and think seriously for a moment all the things that you once wanted to do , but daily life and routine, along with many other responsibilites tired you enough to push back all those dreams you had ?  We live in a fast world , where things happen and many times we become part of this vicious and dangerous circle of life just passing by…yes we have great jobs, and exciting lives (whatever that means for each one of us) but is that what we really want? Or  Is that what we fell into?

This is a long discussion and there is no right or wrong answer, it is life and where it takes each one of us or I ‘ d better  say where we let it take us.

What I want to remind you today with my post  is to stop for a bit , distance yourself from all the noise that is happening out there and listen to yourself but listen to him/her carefully. It sounds like an easy task but it is not.  It requires faith, trust and belief to oneself.But you can do it , and the result may surprise you and make your life better. But be honest and courageous.

I work in a fast paced environment, one that time flies and you have no idea how the end of day came, a busy office in one of those big firms – I assume most people would love to be in the same position- however I woke up this morning and I realized that this is not the life I want to lead. I want a fuller life. I want to feel that through my work I help others. I don’t feel I do that through my work.

A friend with whom I discussed this asked me how am I going to achieve this ”fuller life” ?

I replied honestly that I do not know yet but that I will not allow my life to lead a path with no meaning for me.

”For a start” I replied ”I will quit my job”.

”Wow, life is full of surprises” he replied and this was the first time I completely and wholeheartedly I knew what he was talking about.

”Yes, it is full of surprises”  I replied and ” who knows what it will bring next but as long as you are honest and courageous with yourself, then there is no need to be afraid ”