Why Power of WE ? I wish to Inspire you Inspire others

As 2013 counts its 363rd day and we are less than 78hrs away from the coming of a new year , I am excited as most of us are by now. I am excited  for a new beginning. Although …it is kind of nonsense to think that something will change but it is this feeling…. that Jan 1st only makes us feel..whatever has happened the year before moves in the past and people make new promises, new commitments for the new year. In a magical way we all await a fresh new start whatever that means for each one of us.

For me 2013 has been a great year….. a year including  good and bad times all in moderation, intense changes in work and personal life, and of course many many km’s on my feet. One thing I have been battling to do the past few years and which I still fight is to limit fear and to live a fearless life as much as it is possible. It is not easy but I have come to realize that it is the one element that guarantees happiness. Happiness is definitely a choice.  We are the ones who chose if we want to be happy. It is also us who limit ourselves . We do not realize that we allow fear to be there and that his duty is to restrict us , to create obstacles for us , to convince us that it is impossible to do what we dream.  I never liked to hear people tell me as I am growing older and keep wanting to achieve my dreams ” What do you want? This is life settle down now …..” as if I could not go on dream and want more..

No no no…. life is not like this. Life is a choice and my life … it will be my choice. I will fight my fears and move forward, I will be in pain , I will cry , and I will fall and get up again but I remind myself to always to live life without regrets…the journey is not easy but it will be my journey and I will make the best out of it because I seek my  happiness. And I know happiness is looking for brave and fearless people.

Even if a dream is not achieved it is important to me to know that I have done my 1000 % . This is success  for me.  It is giving all my heart and soul to what I dream and I believe. Everyone has different dreams and desires and a different way in achieving them. This is the beauty about incredible achievements and people who live happily. So many stories surround us …these are the ones that inspire me and I hope to inspire you by sharing my thoughts on them with you.

Yesterday as I was searching my favorite TED website I saw this video .. ”Never , ever give up” and decided to watch. It was Diana Nyad’s speech about her swimming from Cuba to Florida over 100 miles…..oh my…by the end I was tearing. I was tearing because I  was deeply touched by the power and sincerity of Diana’s motivational words. Her strength and determination confirmed to me what I have been thinking and believing.. and rightfully so..she is a great example of making her dream happen on her own way. Her mantra while trying this journey for fifth time was ”Find a way” to make your dream happen, sure enough she accomplished that dream!

Some of her most striking and inspirational words in this video still play in my head and I want to share with you….”You go ahead, you go ahead and sit back in your comfortable chair and you be the critic, you be the observer, while the brave one gets in the ring and engages, gets bloody and gets dirty and fails over and over and over again… but yet isn’t afraid, isn’t timid and lives life in a bold way so of course….  I want to make it across.  It is the goal and I should be so shallow to say that this year (after 4 prior efforts) the  destination was even sweeter than the journey. But the journey itself was worthwhile taking.”

This past summer my dear friend Magda followed a similar dream and swam from this area north of Greece , Theologos across to Limni Evoias in Greece, a distance of 14kms …I remember my friend telling me that she would be afraid of the deep waters just as Diana was..and that fear was real and immense. I also remember telling her not to be afraid and to just swim. I was proud and believed that she would find a way. Magda did find her way , she swam the distance in a journey that will be with her for ever  and days later when we were talking she told me ”You know Irini it was not the deep dark waters of the sea finally that scared and got me tired but the big waves, these were the toughest obstacles..” But despite the big strong waves Magda found a way, fought with them and fearlessly persisted, did not allow their intimidating power to paralyze and win over her, she cried but always kept swimming and believing ….6 hours and some minutes later..her eyes saw her dream come true…The journey was worthwhile,  it is this journey that will stay with her forever to remind her that she can dream and make her dreams happen.

Diana swam over 100 miles, Magda over 14kms, people and myself 🙂 run marathons , some run ultra marathons, some bicycle thousand of miles, hike, or engage in extreme adventures …people have dreams and reach them because they fight their fears, because they don’t allow fear to take away their dreams. Because at the end , we all have this one life and as Diana said …till these days come to an end she will dream and live fearlessly.

As 2013 is leaving and 2014 is approaching, my wish for each one of you is to live as #fearless ..this is what I am trying to do every day..and I know I will #neverevergiveup… till these days come to an end.

Find a way as Diana says…and I will say Find Your Way #happiness.

Happy New Year !!!


Why Power of WE ? I wish to inspire you inspire others

In recent weeks,  I have been battling within to find answers to questions about my future. It is rare I worry about that because I believe in my dreams and I try my best to get there. Not always an easy task, but I am a firm believer to them and I persist.  Lately may be due to the fact that I am only getting older -hehehehe, it is true-  my mind has been thinking more. But too much thinking has brought me to total exhaustion to the point I forget sometimes how blessed I am and how many things I have to be greatful for. This is an unusual behavior to me. Thankfully,  I soon realize I should not worry and  that life is short for me to worry for such things, instead I should focus my energy on all the things that I still want to achieve.

This is where the amazing TED talks come in my life 🙂

I am a lover of  TED talks and many times I browse through the latest to see what is posted. Today , as I was going through I watched the following 9.36 astonishing minutes..the story of Amy Pardy, all I can say is that she is truly an amazing and inspirational young woman , with so much strength and courage , and so much to teach to all of us!

Why Power of ”WE”?  I wish to inspire you inspire others


In 2008 , a record breaking 116 million people made the choice to stand up and take action to end poverty and help in a global network to achieve the 8 UN Millinieum Development Goals. Through this movement, United Nations has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest mobilization around a single cause in recorded history. 

However, this is a time of extraordinary challenge. The global financial crisis is having a devastating impact of this on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.  And the climate crisis threatens to undo the gains that have been made towards achieving the MDGs. With just five years left to the 2015 deadline, no region is on track to achieve their goals.  

We must make the MDGs an urgent priority and ‘Stand Up, Take Action’ is a vital opportunity to send a clear message to world leaders to deliver on the promise we made to the world’s people to end poverty and usher in a new era of equality, health, and prosperity.

Together, we can make poverty history. Join millions worldwide to ‘STAND UP and TAKE ACTION’ today!  
                                                                                                               Do something!



Educating our youth about human rights is the beginning for a chance to create a better world for them. United is a song about human rights. The lyrics and images of the following video are powerful. The message is clear. Pass it on to our youth.  Each one of us, if we just pass this on to one child, we will have made one small, yet of great importance, act with tremendous impact for all of us and a chance for a better world for our children. What are you waiting for ?