Why Power of WE?  I wish to inspire you inspire others

No words…..just sit back , watch , think, reflect and act …..and that would be just great 🙂


                                   Why Power of WE? I wish to inspire you inspire others

The video below says it all…we can all be thoughful just like that woman for a person in need. Her words , changed the world and helped him.

Why Power of  WE?  I wish to inspire you inspire others

More and more, people  read less and less…

I would be lying if I said that I don’t love the flexibility, the freedom, the opportunities that the internet brings to my life every day. It enables me to communicate instantly with friends and colleagues all around the world.  Iphones, ipads, blackberries, smart phones and intelligent devices develop by the minute…technology is developing in ”racing” rythmes. I love the gadgets, I love the  technology  but I am not happy with one thing that is directly associated with the ”intrusion” of technology in our lives. And that has to do with reading. In many societies and more in younger ages ,  reading is becoming almost inexistent. A lost art as I read somewhere… Just earlier today I happened to see an ad on TV about an audio version of a book. A book in a CD?? Yes that is what I saw , and  I was not mistaken but the hearing and the realization of that left me sad and thinking. One more confirmation about what I see happening around.  Although I am all for technology, I do not like the impact it has in relation to reading. I am among the real lovers of reading. I still cannot read my newspaper on the net. I love the feeling of reading it in its printed version. I love the smell of the paper. I will not exchange this feeling with anything. This same feeling I have when I read a book. And I want  to always remember this.

A couple of months ago , on the weekend edition of FT , on my favorite column of having lunch with FT , I read  an interview with John Wood , an incredible and certainly inspirational personality who left his successful career,  a senior executive position with Microsoft in order to bring books in lives of children in developing countries.  I tried to find that article to share with you but I was not lucky.

The remarkable organization he launched has the name ”Room to Read” and their mission is ” to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments, (we) develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond. Room to Read believes that World Change Starts with Educated Children. (We )envision a world in which all children can pursue a quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world.”

Room to Read is one of my favorite organizations. The work they do is priceless. Let’s help them reach their next goal : Distribute 11MM to children by 2011.

How you can do this? It’s easy. Search for and learn more for how can you help.

And next time you are looking for a gift for a child : buy a book, you will be educating that child and you will be doing your share for changing our world for the better.  It ‘s simple, isn’t it??

The Earthquake in Haiti is the latest natural disaster. People somewhere very far away from the comfortless of our life are suffering. Water, a simple basic need is not adequate rather nonexistent these difficult times. Devastating images are arriving to us  through our television cables, yet many still have not felt the urgency to act. I wonder sometimes what has happened to the world. Why is it that only when a disaster  affects directly our life  we suddenly wake up in fear similarly to when we have a bad dream. Why is it that only when we are directly affected we act, but when pain touches other peoples lives we stay far away simply watching ? Why is it that most people think: it happened to them not to us, so we don’t have to worry.  That unfortunately is the norm in today’s society.  There are many people who take action but the norm does not. I worry about the norm. I worry about our society. I worry about my unborn children. I worry about the future of  humanity.  I worry. Thankfully that feeling does not last long. I quickly realize that I do not belong to that group of people and along with me many more out there in all 4 corners of the globe.   I owe it to myself and all those who take action to not be a pessimist. I know that  people regardless their race, color and religion have been touched by this enormous disaster. A quick search on the net and you will be surprised by how many people and organizations have been mobilized to help save Haiti. Red Cross, UNICEF, Oxfam America, Partners in health, One Drop, World Volunteers, Doctors without borders, charity: water, local communities around the world are just a very small number who are actively helping to save Haiti. It does not matter how you help or through which organization, the important point is that you do something. It might seem very small to you for having any effect, but imagine the result once all these tiny acts are united, then surely your action will have made a difference.   Do not underestimate the Power of WE, because this is all what moments like these are about. It is about initiative, it is about unity , it is about believing that we can save Haiti.

List of organizations where you can inform yourself more about how you can help or safely donate:

  Red Cross : 


 Partners in health:

Oxfam America:

One Drop:

charity: water :

World Volunteer Web:

Doctors without borders:

and the list goes on….

I urge you to do something now because your action no matter how small or big you think it is , it will have an effect.

That is what people in Haiti need. 

Just watch the video, it says it all! A great organization with a very important mission to carry out! And it is the initiative of young people. A great example for all these difficult times we are living.