Why power of WE ? I wish to inspire you inspire others

Children are the future of our world. Yesterday I was waiting with a friend the school bus which would bring back her 6 year old daughter. As soon as the young girl got off the bus, the first thing  she said was how happy she was that she would help 10 little kids in another continent to have a better life ( by donating/fundraising  just 1euro for each child).   I was moved because a young girl, just 6 years old felt so happy for something so important.  She wanted to fundraise  the most she can so she can help as many children, children she never met and will probably never meet. I don’t think that Melina knows how important is what she is doing  or that  the knowledge she is accumulating through this experience is precious and priceless.  All I know is that she is learning that not all children are as lucky as she is to live in a peaceful society where she can go to school and play.  

If we want a better tomorrow for our children we need to encourage them to get involved in helping other children in any way just as Melina’s school did.  A great way to teach them is through example.  One of my favorite charity programs designed for children is Children for Children. Check it out and encourage your children to participate. It will be the best gift you can offer them.

Follow the link below to read more about Children for Children , it ‘s worth it and you will be proud for doing so!