Why Power of ”WE”?  I wish to inspire you inspire others


In 2008 , a record breaking 116 million people made the choice to stand up and take action to end poverty and help in a global network to achieve the 8 UN Millinieum Development Goals. Through this movement, United Nations has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest mobilization around a single cause in recorded history. 

However, this is a time of extraordinary challenge. The global financial crisis is having a devastating impact of this on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable.  And the climate crisis threatens to undo the gains that have been made towards achieving the MDGs. With just five years left to the 2015 deadline, no region is on track to achieve their goals.  

We must make the MDGs an urgent priority and ‘Stand Up, Take Action’ is a vital opportunity to send a clear message to world leaders to deliver on the promise we made to the world’s people to end poverty and usher in a new era of equality, health, and prosperity.

Together, we can make poverty history. Join millions worldwide to ‘STAND UP and TAKE ACTION’ today!  
                                                                                                               Do something!


source: http://www.standagainstpoverty.org


Educating our youth about human rights is the beginning for a chance to create a better world for them. United is a song about human rights. The lyrics and images of the following video are powerful. The message is clear. Pass it on to our youth.  Each one of us, if we just pass this on to one child, we will have made one small, yet of great importance, act with tremendous impact for all of us and a chance for a better world for our children. What are you waiting for ?


When I fell upon thesmiletrain.org  and read through it , I was astonished. I had no idea that so many children around the globe live with this major problem: cleft lip and palate. Once more this non-profit organization is living proof that there is more caring people ,than non in our world. Volunteers,  sensitive to this issue who found the way, have  a plan, faith, perseverance, hope and  who work “Until there are no more children who need help and (we) have completely eradicated the problem of clefts”. We are constantly bombarded by images promoting  a consumerist world : yes, we probably do live to a large degree in one such world. At the same time, you would probably agree that there are also thousands of sensitive caring people around us who take action in changing the world.  In this case they have chosen to change the world one smile at a time as it is their motto.  Every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes. Wow!
 So, what does The Smile Train do? 
    ::: offer free cleft surgery for millions of poor children in developing countries.
    :::offer free cleft-related training for doctors and medical professionals.

Easy. Practical. Smart. World Changing by one smile at a time. Simple.

For Angelica Joy (AJ) Fabroa, getting the operation needed to fix her cleft lip was a challenge. The youngest of four children, AJ was born in the Philippines into a poor, hardworking and loving family.
Angelica  When AJ was born, her father started crying at the sight of her cleft lip. He and his wife were devastated, but neither of them lost hope because they knew her cleft could be treated. Knowing that AJ would have trouble feeding, they placed her in the care of a local mission that treated children with clefts. However, because AJ had been underweight since birth and had a weak body, the local mission evaluated her and would not operate.
  When AJ and her parents returned a second time, again she could not pass the physical due to her low body weight and they were told to hospitalize her. AJ’s parents could never afford to pay for the cost of a hospital stay and so they began searching for another alternative.
  Soon after, a local council official visited their small community and told AJ’s parents about The Smile Train Cleft Care Program run in conjunction with the Philippine Band of Mercy. In a matter of weeks, AJ finally received the surgery to repair her deformity.
  Today, little AJ is a healthy and happy two-year-old, who can eat normally and is starting to talk. Because of the determination of her family and The Smile Train, the Fabroa family can all smile together!



Just watch the video, it says it all! A great organization with a very important mission to carry out! And it is the initiative of young people. A great example for all these difficult times we are living.

The Power of ” WE” is a belief that I live by. It is about me and you, and what we can do to change our world. It is up to us to make the difference we want in the world we live in, as long as we believe that we hold the power of change in our hands , everything is possible. I have been a volunteer for years and although one would think it would be easy for me to describe what it means to be a volunteer , that is not the case. There is no words that can make up a sentence and completely describe the feeling. Lending a hand, caring and helping others is a blessing for me. We all have difficulties in life, some more and some less. I have found that no matter how many difficulties and problems I might have, there is always people out there that have bigger and more serious problems. That gets me out of staying within the microcosm that surrounds me and think bigger ..think about others and that I call a blessing. I cannot change the world but I can add a little tiny piece to the puzzle of changing the world. And that makes me happy. Many friends have always commented about my positive and optimistic outlook on life and how I never give up… since the change in the world seems impossible to many. I believe that even the smallest change is great as long as it is change for the better. As a volunteer , I learned that change comes with hard work, belief, persistence, insistence and of course taking action, doing something. It does not matter the cause we volunteer for. It does not matter how much time we can give. All it matters is that we believe and we act.

One more person added to the global community of volunteers is added power for changing our world.  Each one of us acting , doing a little something added to the bigger group of global volunteers is The Power of WE.  The Power of WE is a blog about believing, it is about inspiring, it is about informing, it is about motivating , it is about accomplishing together, it is about me and you , it is about us getting united.  I believe in the power of WE, and I know we, united, can make a difference.

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