Changing the World we live in is possible ,  not overnight but we can start by doing simple, easy, small acts. Small acts to better our environment, to help the ones less fortunate than us, to teach younger ones the importance of volunteerism, to educate ourselves and others about what we can do, to donate food, money or our time, to motivate others, to become leaders in making people to believe that all together we can change the world. You don’t need to have lots of money , it doesn’t matter how old are you, just do one little thing towards making our world better every day you wake up ! You never know , that one small little act might be the beginning of a bigger change…

Small , simple acts one can do to change the world can be easy acts such as to smile to someone, give someone a hug  or to avoid using plastic bags, take public transportation, use a mag not a plastic cup, recycle waste paper, buy fairly trade products, turn off unecessary lights, or join an organization of a cause of your interest such as the fight against poverty or cancer and so many other universal causes that affect the global community. I am encouraging you to question yourself what is it that you can do now, today to help in changing the world. It sounds vague , yes it does, but it is all about our everyday life.  It is about being kind, generous, giving, motivating, inspirational…..Start easy, start simple, one step every day …a small act done by millions of people might just bring the change we want to see in our world…It is definately worth trying!


Citizen of the World