I  am passionate about social, cultural and environment justice in our world.

I love exploring effective  ways to communicate messages of hope and positive change  locally and globally.

I believe that Inspirational stories are surrounding us every day.  I chose not to ignore these stories, the people or organizations who are inspirational  act and make a difference but  to share that valuable information with you. Knowledge is the beginning for taking action. I hope for creating positive change at a personal, community and environmental level through exploring new ideas, shared values and storytelling.

I wish to inspire you inpire others.




All achievement is the triumph of persistence




One more person added to the global community of volunteers is added power for changing our world.  Each one of us acting , doing a little something added to the bigger group of global volunteers is The Power of WE.  The Power of WE is a blog about believing, it is about inspiring, it is about informing, it is about motivating , it is about accomplishing together, it is about me and you , it is about us getting united.  I believe in the power of WE, and I know we, united, can make a difference.


Citizen of the World