It is Saturday evening and  as I was searching the net earlier I fell on this happy happy  video..It could not but make me

put on a big smile!  I don’t see how it couldn’t !

The world cries for help and what we are going to do about it? Just start by one hug…see what happens!

One tiny little hug…yes! Don’t overthink it just do it! :))

WHAT IF hugging it forward could change the lives of millions of people?

WHAT IF you could see how your hugs are spreading around the world?

WHAT IF for every hug 25 cents was donated to projects in developing countries?

WHAT IF your hug could help change the life of someone you’ve never even met?

New Zealand: Hugs it Forward….

What is Hug  it Forward?


Hug It Forward is a global not-for-profit organization who seeks to spread love and facilitate concrete change throughout the world.

It helps individuals and communities to empower themselves to create better lives for themselves and the people around them, with the goal of creating a world where humankind recognizes our oneness and the importance of sharing our planet’s resources for the benefit of everybody.

Core Principles :

H.U.G. It Forward: Humanity Unconditionally Giving it Forward – Hug It Forward is run entirely by volunteers and champions the idea of giving out of pure love, without expecting anything in return.

  1. Frugality – Knowing how far just one dollar can go in some parts of the world, we work hard to minimize expenditure in all aspects of our activities.
  2. Integrity – We are honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.
  3. Accountability – We communicate openly and energetically, and actively encourage our supporters to hold us accountable.
  4. Transparency – With Hug It Forward, what you see is what you get. 100% of your donations go directly to projects, to be spent in the local economy. Not one penny is spent on salaries, administration, or any other expenses. Profits from for-profit businesses donated to Hug It Forward cover our daily expenses (such as this web site).
  5. Community – We believe that spontaneous selfless interactions between a group of people generate far more beneficial outcomes for everyone than individuals acting selfishly.
  6. Sustainability – We avoid “quick fix” solutions and instead invest in projects with long-term objectives that create perpetual benefits for humanity.
  7. Mutuality – We form win/win relationships where everyone benefits. Our volunteers get as much from their experience working with communities in developing countries as they give.
  8. Empowerment – Handouts do not help poor people around the world. We help people develop the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty.
  9. Participation – Hug It Forward is an organization powered by YOU: without your hugs and your support we could not exist. We encourage the whole world to join this movement.
  10. Global Solidarity – We stand shoulder to shoulder with oppressed groups around the world. Working together we can overcome problems that would be impossible to solve apart.